11th November 2014
School of Engineering and Advanced Technology
Massey Univeristy

PDMA-NZ has held many successful events at various locations such as: Fisher & Paykel Appliance, Rocket Labs, Villa Maria, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Navman, Gallaghers, Frucor etc. etc.

The PDMA-NZ Board has always wanted to have representations from industry practitioners, service providers and academia.  There has been a strong interest from industry professionals and from companies hosting our PDMA events at their location.  Participants have enjoyed the networking and the factory tours.  They have loved the speakers and their new product stories and challenges.

In order to encourage more academic representation and interest in events, PDMA-NZ decided to partner with Massey University’s School of Engineering and Technology (SEAT, Albany).  Dr Aruna Shekar coordinated the event on behalf of the University to host the event at the University’s campus.  The topic was “How 3D Printing Accelerates Product Development”

The audience (about 70 people including visitors from Hamilton) heard about the future of product development with 3D printing technologies, and learnt about how their company can partner with PDMA-NZ members, Massey University staff and students to work on innovative projects for mutual benefit.

New 3D printer at Massey University (PDMA-NZ student members showing off a recent prototype)

New 3D printer at Massey University (PDMA-NZ student members showing off a recent prototype)

Guests got a chance to see a number of Final Year students Projects in Engineering and Food Technology. They also got a tour of the workshop, and viewed the new 3D printer in action.  Many visitors were keen to see all the interesting 3D printed objects and were amazed at the accuracy and detail in these objects.

Free give-away - key fobs laser-cut at Massey University with the PDMA logo and the website address.

Thank you to Massey University for hosting the event and Fuji Xerox who sponsored the event.

Here's some photo's: